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Bookhabit gives published and unpublished writers a conduit to the reading world, and gives readers a place to explore. Writers can easily upload their books, and readers can find books about niche or specialist subjects that a mainstream publisher couldn’t promote profitably

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Personalized Books

How truly special it must feel when a child not only hears their name, but to sees themselves on every page; talking and flying through outer space with Sparkle the Star in Moon Dirt Milkshake or sitting in the stands at the circus, counting “three bears riding bikes and throwing Frisbees”, in Can Count.

We’we added a very unique and ultra-personalized twist to the traditional personalized children’s book genre, by letting the child not only hear about themselves, as the star of the story, but also by letting them see themselves interact with all the characters in the book.

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Create iPhone Apps in Minutes.

Ideal for publishing any type of genre. Books, documentaries, music, commentaries. etc

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